We’re a Family Business

George Best Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC was started in 1976 by George Best, Sr. to provide high quality, affordable air conditioning and heating services to the San Antonio community. George developed strong relationships with his customers due to his strong work ethic, fair prices, and sense of generosity. He made sure everyone had access to cool air and heat.

In 2010, George’s daughter Gay took over the company. She continues George’s legacy of high touch customer service, hard work, and generosity. Over the past ten years, Gay has transformed the business into a household name in San Antonio. When someone hears the name George Best Air Conditioning & Heating, they know they will be treated like family. 

Now, Gay is joined by her daughter Katie, her cousin Tony, her close family friend Wade, and her dog Tucker. They all work together to continue the George Best Air Conditioning & Heating legacy.