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Air conditioning and heating systems take a beating in the San Antonio Texas summers and winters. Homeowners in San Antonio and the surrounding areas need the best heating and HVAC equipment available. Top brands such as Trane, have the highest quality efficiency and consumer ratings. Finding a local air conditioning and heating contractors and installers that are licensed, insured, trained and certified is critical to ensuring your system is going to give you the best value for your money.

Diagnosing the issue demands a trained and experienced air conditioning professional. The service experts at George Best Air Conditioning & Heating are just the right technicians for the job.

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Understanding Heating Systems in Your Home

North American homes depend on central furnaces to provide heat.

Furnaces blow heated air via air ducts which transfer the warm air to the various rooms in the house thru air registers (a.k.a. grills). This is commonly referred to as a forced warm-air system.  There are electric, natural gas and fuel oil options available on the market. For most of San Antonio Texas, most will be powered by electricity or natural gas.

Within a gas furnace the flames heat a metal heat exchanger. This is where heat is converted to air, which is then pushed through a heat exchanger by a fan or air handler furnace fan. That warmed air is pushed through the ductwork away from the heat exchanger. The combustion and carbon monoxide is pushed up through the vent or flue pipe.

Condensing furnaces are designed to reduce this escaping heat by cooling exhaust gasses below one hundred and forty-degrees Fahrenheit (140°F), where water vapor in the exhaust condenses into water. This is the main purpose of new high-efficiency furnaces like Trane offers. These will vent out through a plastic pipe away from the house through a small hole.

San Antonio, Texas is not exactly known for cold weather, but if you live in San Antonio or the surrounding areas, you know it can get cold weather snaps including ice with temperatures going well below freezing. In these days, it’s just as important to have a reliable furnace and heating system as it is to have an air conditioning system in the summer.

Annual maintenance of heating systems is just as important, especially since carbon monoxide leaks can be detected, as well as potential electrical or other issues which can be discovered during a furnace and heating inspection for your San Antonio home.

The latest technology like Trane furnaces installed by George Best Air Conditioning & Heating in SA is far superior to the older models thanks to the latest in energy efficiency and integrated technology. While your old furnace and air conditioning system may be working fine, it’s still best to have it inspected and compared to the latest furnaces for potential savings in annual heating and air conditioning costs. SEER (or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) was established to help identify the best possible energy savings and types of heating and air conditioning systems you should own for your type and square footage of your San Antonio home.